Shop update #274 (2-1-23)

During the week, I worked on the 6 AOL plaques for Cub Scout Pack 2017.  I sanded and clear coated them, let them dry overnight, hand painted in the AOL symbol, let them dry overnight, put a second coat of paint on the AOL symbol, let them dry overnight, sanded around the AOL symbol, clear coated again, let them dry overnight, and then installed the picture hanger clips and hooks on the bottom to hold the arrow.  I delivered them on Saturday morning.

On Saturday afternoon, I gave the rest of the wishing well planter box pieces a couple of coats of clear latex paint.

Sunday was spent doing chores but I was able to get out in the shop and play with my xTool D1 laser engraver some.

I laser cut, painted, and glued together 2 layers of 1/8″ MDF to form a rose.  It’s a basic concept but this is the first time that I designed and then built my own 2 layer design.

I also designed and made a jig to hold pencils so that I can laser engrave my website address on them consistently.

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