Shop update #275 (2-8-23)

On Saturday we attended an Eagle Court of Honor for one of the members of my sons’ Boy Scout Troop.  I was asked to engrave some information on a slice of wood to be used as a signature board.

I also put the final coat of clear latex paint on the rest of the wishing well planter box.  This coming weekend is Super

Bowl so I’m not sure if I’m going to have time to assemble it as I will be making party favors and gifts to give out during the game.

The left hand screw holding the latch for my Mandalorian Gate has become loose so I removed it and glued some toothpicks into the hole.  I came back a couple of hours later and drove both of the screws back in and everything is nice and snug again.

I’m also working on another design for a laser cut rose.  This is mainly just for practice.

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