Shop update #277 (1-22-23)

We have a fairly large neighborhood group that all get together for holidays and birthdays. For the last year I have been giving all of the husbands personalized bottle cap catchers. This is the final one that I had to give out. I now need to come up with a new gift idea for the men folk.
I recently started using Lighburn to make all of my laser projects and have not used it to engrave cedar yet so I made a test piece to check speeds and power.

Once I got the settings down I engraved the actual bottle cap catcher.

A friend of mine sent me a recipe card that her Grandmother made before she passed.  I scanned it in to the computer and made a couple of test pieces so see what format looked best.

I then engraved it into a 9×6 cutting board as a test.  This is my first try making one of these.

I then engraved it into 2 – 8 1/2″ x 11″ cutting boards and mailed them along with the recipe card back to my friend in Kentucky.  She received them today and was very pleased with the results.  She posted pictures on FaceBook and a couple of her friends have reached out to me asking about getting one made.

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