Shop update #280 (3-15-23)

I finished up and delivered the 6 AOL plaques for Pack 2017.  It was then time to start 14 plaques for Pack 803.

I picked up 3 – 8ft and 1 – 6ft poplar boards from my local Lowes.  The 8 footers are almost bigger than my car!

The next day, I broke them down in to 15 – 2 ft lengths and started carving them on my X-Carve CNC machine.  One of the boards splintered on the corner so I made sure to keep that side pointing up so that it will get cleared out when I give the board a chamfer.

I finished carving the 2nd paddle on the CNC machine as well.

I trimmed them both up on the bandsaw and gave the logo portion a coat of flat black spray paint.

I let the spray paint dry overnight and then gave them a good sanding.

I setup my router table with a quarter inch roundover bit and ran both sides through it.  The ends burned a little so I gave them some extra sanding.

The boards were then given a generous coat of boiled linseed oil.  I’ll let that soak in for a couple of days and then give them one more coat.

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