Shop update #283 (4-5-23)

I finally finished all of the AOL plaques for Pack 803!
I set up a jig to hold my laser engraver in place and then used it to engrave a BSA logo on the left side of each plaque. Due to the size of the laser I can only engrave on one side of the plaque at a time.

Once I finished engraving the BSA logos, I reset the laser to engrave the Webelos log on the right and also gave them all a good coat of medium walnut danish oil.

The next step was to install 2 sawtooth hangers on the back of each one.  I used a paint stick to measure each side.

I sued the same stick to mark the location on the bottom to drill holes for the metal screw hooks to hang the arrows on.  The Cub Scout leader that I made them for was very happy with the final product.

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