Shop update #290 (5-24-23)

During the week I gave the AOL plaques for Pack 2017 a final finish sanding and installed 2 sawtooth hangers and 2 hooks in each one. They were picked up Thursday night for the Sunday ceremony.

On Saturday I helped my son cut some 3/4″ MDF into a couple of 2 1/2 foot squares for one of his high school classes. He has to design and build a rube goldberg machine that will run for 30 seconds and end by making a phone call. He is very intent on making it himself so I am just helping him to collect parts.

Saturday night, I played with my laser engraver and cut out a stacked paper pattern that I bought from

I spent most of the day on Sunday at my Company Picnic so I didn’t get out to the shop at all.  On a side note, I bought one of the Coleman single burner butane stoves and I am designing an even smaller patrol box/camp kitchen to carry it in.  I am hoping to get it built on the long Memorial Day weekend.

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