Shop update #293 (6-14-23)

It was another very busy Boy Scout centered weekend.
On Saturday morning we attended an Eagle Scout Court of Honor. By attended, I mean that we got there 2 hours early so that my 2 sons could practice their parts in the ceremony and I could get my camera ready to photograph the entire event. I have taken pictures at all of the ECOH’s this year and at least one of my sons were in the ceremony so we always get there a couple of hours early and usually stay until the end.

We came home an relaxed for a few hours and then went out to dinner to celebrate my wife’s birthday.

On Sunday afternoon, we spent 4 hours working with the younger Scout of the Troop on some of their basic Trail to 1st class skills at a local park.

In between all of that, I started working on the next batch of name plaques for the Scout House.


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