Shop update #296 (7-5-23)

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It was a busy 4th of July weekend. On Saturday I helped raise money for our Boy Scout Troop’s Eagle Scout scholarship fund by parking cars at a lot across the street from the Chino Fireworks Spectacular.

On Sunday, I helped sell fireworks to raise money directly for the troop.

I had to work on Monday but returned to the booth at closing time and helped shut it down for the night.

On the 4th of July holiday, I cooked up some chicken fried rice on the griddle station and took it over to a friend’s house to relax by the pool, hang out, eat, and watch fireworks.

One of my friends found a picture of a mid century modern style cat box and asked if we could make it together.  I did some guesswork and came up with a sketchup model for us to try and build this coming weekend.

I also tried some ideas on the laser engraver.

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