Shop update #297 (7-12-23)

As I mentioned last week, a friend of mine found this mid century modern style cat box and asked me if we could recreate it. I love a good challenge and told her that we could.

The first step was to design it in sketchup.

We went to Home Depot and picked up a 4’x8′ sheet of their premium baltic plywood and had them cut it down in 4 quarters.

We took it back to my house and I took 2 of the quarters and cut them all down to size.

I did some math, and marked up the side board with a straight edge and compass.  We then cut it out using a jigsaw.

We used the miter saw and jigsaw to cut out the legs.

The next step was to drill a bunch of pocket holes and assemble the base.

The sides were glued and pocket holed to the top.  I accidently drilled the pocket holes in the bottom of the cutout side and had to redrill them into the other side.

The base is glued and screwed into the bottom from the inside.

The base is then screwed from the bottom into the walls.

Overall the project turned out pretty well and my friend was very happy with it.  She did the majority of the work, except for the table saw, and will be staining and clear coating it at home.

I learned a bunch on this project and plan on making one for my house as well.


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