Shop update #302 (8-16-23)

My wife asked me to laser engrave some cutting boards to give out as presents to some friends at work.  She found a design that she liked so I updated with the new family names and burned them on the laser for her.  I remembered to engrave my logo on the back of each board this time.

I also made a couple of fun ones to see if anybody in my area is interested in custom boards.

We were cleaning up and found a bunch of 1/8″ white coated MDF that I had cut down into 5″ x 7″ pieces and lightly sanded.  I made them for my kids to use as canvas blanks for painting during lockdown.

I took a few and laser engraved some fun halloween ideas onto them.

I also got a bunch and spray painted them different colors, let them dry, and then painted them black.

I made a test gris on one and then tried burning an image onto another with the laser.  It’s a good start but I still have more testing to go.

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