Shop update #306 (9-13-23)

I was interviewed on Sunday for the podcast “The Drop with Frank and Brian“.  It is based around the custom truck scene in the US.  They mainly talked to me about my 35 years involved in the California mini-truck scene but we also spoke about my journey into the making world and my many other hobbies.

As a gift, I made both of them a mini Jack O’ Lantern box with their logo.

A coworker brought his childhood chess board into the office for me to take a look at doing some repairs on.  The top of the case where the board attaches has come loose and needs to be cleaned and re-glued.  I’m also going to see if I can rehab the hinges as they are bent and loose.  I’m also going to give the whole thing a good cleaning and see if it won’t be too hard to replace the elastic in the drawers that hold the hand carved chess pieces in place.  It has several veneer patches that need to be done but we may tackle that at another time as I don’t have much experience in that yet.

I also came up with a new T-Shirt/Merch design that I hope to be debuting in the next month or so.

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