Shop update #307 (9-20-23)

I’m going on a campout with my sons’ Boy Scout Troop this weekend so I finished up the mini patrol box to use while there.

I measured the empty space behind the bowls and fuel on the bottom right and the space behind the Stanley kettle on the right and built some laser cut boxes to fill the voids.

I then installed some handles on the sides for carrying the box and handles on the front for opening and securing the swing out doors.

I also installed some paracord to hold the spice bottles in place.

I’ll take some pictures at the campout this weekend of the mini patrol box in use.

I also received a customer order for a personalized planter box for a retirement party and built it this weekend.  I started by cutting all the pieces down to size and sanding them.

I carved the first inscription in with my CNC and didn’t like the results so I redid it on the laser engraver and was much happier.

The next step was to glue everything together and add some brad nails.

I then gave the whole box three coats of an outdoor spar urethane.

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