Shop update #311 (10-18-23)

My sons’ Boy Scout Troop needs 2 more tomahawk throwing targets and stands like the ones I made for them a few years ago.

I picked up all the materials at Home Depot but this time I am building the insides of the targets out of 4×4 posts instead pf 2×4’s.  I also picked up a full sheet of 1/2″ OSB cut down into quarters for the backer boards.

It was over 95° on Saturday so I left them in the garage to dry out some.  Once it cooled down, I finished 5 more of the tombstone decorations that I then posted for sale on Facebook for $20 each.

We spent the day preparing for, and then attending the Fall Court of Honor for the Boy Scout Troop and I took the night off to relax.  Make sure to check in next week for a big tomahawk target update!

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