Shop update #312 (10-25-23) More tomahawk targets and stands

This weekend was all about making another set of tomahawk throwing targets and stands for my sons’ Boy Scout Troop.

I picked up 2 – 10 foot 4×4’s from Home Depot.  Their saw was broken down again so I had to stick them out my passenger window to get them home.

The first thing that I did was to cut them in half so I could easily move them around.

I then setup a stop block and cut them down into 3 1/2″ chunks.  Each 5′ length had a small piece left.  If I cut cut them off center, I might have been able to get 1 more chunk out of each 10′ length.

Each target is 6 chunks tall and 5 wide.  Each chunk is glued to the other chunks around it and then glued inside a frame made from 2×4’s.  I used 5″ SPAX screws to secure the frame together.  1/2″ OSB was glued to the back and then a screw was driven through it into the back of each chunk.  2 1/2″ screws were driven through the frame into the side of each chunk as well.

I built 2 collapsible stands out of 2×4’s with 2 pieces of 2×6 to hold the actual targets.

Once the targets and stands were finished, I made a template out of cardboard and spray painted bullseyes on them.

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