Shop update #313 (11-1-23)

I’m working on a small catapult to use at a future Boy Scout campout.  It’s 30″ long, 17″ wide, and 16.5″ tall.  It is powered by 2 bungee cords and shoots wiffle type balls about 20 feet.

I cut 2 – 2×4’s at 30″ long and then notched them out for half laps.

Can you see the mistake that I made?  The half laps are slightly proud and both on the same side.

Everything is held together with screws so that I can take it apart for transport.

I installed a 1/2″ all thread bolt to use as a fulcrum.

I did my best to drill a hole down the middle of the wider edge of a 2×4.

I screwed in a PVC end cap to use as the ammo cup and gave it a test.  I’ll have better pictures of it in action next week.


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