Shop update #315 (11-15-23)

I’ve always done most of my woodworking out on the side of my house.  I did this because half of my garage was filled up with my 1998 Toyota Tacoma show truck.  The truck has now been sold and I am building out the garage to be a full wood shop.

The first step was to replace the 10 year old lights above my side work bench with some LED’s.

I have 2 banks of LED lights above my primary workbench area.

I have now added 6 more banks for a total of 8.  It is gloriously bright in the shop now.

I cut down the 5 – 2×4’s that I bought last week into 10 – 2×2’s to use for some new shelves along the ceiling of the shop.

I mounted 1 – 2×2 to the wall above the garage door but was having a really hard time finding the joists in the ceiling with my stud sensor.

I cut a hole in the ceiling to try and figure out the problem and it turns out that my ceiling has 2 layers of drywall that ends up being 1 3/8″ thick.

I don’t think that the 3″ screws that I bought for the project are going to end up being used.

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