Shop update #326 (2-7-24) First cuts on new table saw

I finally got the new table setup and working!

One of the reasons that I bought this saw is because it is setup to be easily rewired for 220V.  One by product of this is that it has a NEMA 20 plug.

I ordered a 15 foot 12 gauge extension cord and an adaptor for the saw and they came in this week.  I finished getting the fence all tuned up, hooked up the new dust collector, and finally made some test cuts!  It is night and day compared to my old jobsite saw!  The dust collection works really well when the blade guard is in place too.

My son wants a new bookcase for his room so we started cutting up plywood for a shoe bench instead.

I started working on my first table saw sled.  It’s a simple cross cut sled make out of some prefinished plywood that a friend gave me.

I also removed the overhead storage from the side of the shop as well.  This allows more light to spread out and makes it feel much less claustrophobic.


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