Shop update #330 (3-6-24)

I made a small upgrade to my new table saw sled to make it a little safer.

I broke down the wooden pallet that my new table saw was shipped on.  I plan on making some kind of box out of the wood to hold my table saw accessories.

The quick connect for my primary air line has started leaking when it gets pushed sideways so I picked up a new one.  I apparently forgot that it had a female end and bought the wrong one.  Lowes didn’t have the female connector in bronze so I had to get the silver one.

My son asked if we could make a Liyue Vision Crest out of epoxy resin.  I found and printed a 3D model for the frame.  He then found a logo that we cut out of 1/8″ walnut plywood on the laser.  We built some small boxes out of 1/8″ melamine and mixed up some epoxy with a light teal powder added for color.  He encased some random items in the last box to use up the leftover resin.



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