Shop update #37 (7-11-18)

On Wednesday morning I cut the bottoms for a set of washer toss boards out of plywood and screwed them on.  I then gave the inside a coat of black paint.  As an experiment I also painted the bottoms of 2 three inch drain plugs and used the paint as glue to stick them to the inside of the game board. I also painted the inside of a set of bottomless game boards.

I let those dry outside in the 100+ degree weather until Thursday night when I gave the completed boards a good sanding with 120 grit sandpaper and then applied a coat of Golden Oak stain. 


On Saturday morning I pressure fit a three inch drain pipe connector onto the drain plugs inside the boards and then attached a single gate handle and 2 clasps onto opposing sides.  I gave the outsides of the boards a quick coat of spray satin polyurethane and let it dry for an hour.  I took them with us to a family BBQ in Hemet and they got used for about 8 hours straight.  The boards took quite a beating but worked out great.  One of the three inch drain plugs got knocked loose and I had to drill a quick couple of holes and then some short screws into them as a temporary fix.  Overall, the boards were a great hit.


Sunday was another 100+ degree day so I picked up some more washers from Lowes and gave them a couple coats of spray paint.


If you read lasts week’s post I was looking for an idea on how to connect the pieces together on the Octagon boards.  I talked to my dad about it and he had an idea that made me think of a different way that might work.  His idea was good but it would require a lot of extra plywood.

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