Shop update #4 (12-6-17)

My cousin is having a party for his wife in a couple of weeks and asked me if I could make an outdoor bar for his back patio.  I don’t have any way to transport it to his house if I build it at mine so we decided to build it at his house.  I spent most of the day there on Sunday and we got it done except for the finish.  I will need to return next weekend to put a couple of coats of spar urethane on the bar top and at least a sealer coat on the rest of it.  I am very happy with how it turned out.

We made it out of 10 – 2×4’s, 2 – 2×8’s, and 26 cedar fence pickets. We used the 2×4’s to make a frame, the 2×8’s as the bar top, and the fence pickets as the siding.  All the lumber, stain, Spar Urethane, deck screws, pocket hole screws, and assorted paint brushes came out to $175.00 at Lowes.  I already had Titebond 3 glue, sanding discs, and staples so I would round it up to $200.

I shot some video but I’m not sure how it turned out yet.  I will have plans available once I get everything written up.


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