Shop update #52 (10-24-18)

Saturday was a busy family day with Boy Scout & Cub Scout activities and some BBQ’ing.  Prior to firing up the BBQ I did some cleaning up of the back patio area and decided to get rid of a prototype lawn chair that I made a couple of years ago.  It is too narrow and the seat back is not angled enough to be comfortable.  I set it aside for dismantling on Sunday.

Sunday afternoon I cut out a scary clown themed art project on the CNC.  I made it in 3 different passes that had a combined cut time of about 4 hours.

While that was cutting, my younger son and I took apart the chair.

Once the chair was dismantled we broke out the scrap wood box and he made a box troll and a grave marker.  I’m not sure where he picked up the grave marker idea but we ran with it.


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