Shop update #62 (1-2-19)

I went to my car show out at Lake Havasu this weekend and made some pieces to donate to a charity raffle and some to hand out to friends. 

You may remember the C10 portrait that I have been working on.  Wednesday night, I made a simple frame out of some 1 1/2″ pine molding.  I cut the molding down to 4 pieces, then sanded them and gave them a good coat of medium walnut Danish Oil.

I let them dry overnight and on Thursday night I used a 3/8″ thick cutting board to lift the piece off the table and to give it some depth.  I then glued and brad nailed them in place.

Once the frame was attached I remembered to cut my logo and year into the back of it.

I also cut out a car club logo for a friend that would be at the show.  I had a piece of 1/2″ poplar that I picked up from Lowes a couple of years ago so I used that for the logo.  I routed it out with my CNC machine and then hand painted it in with some metallic red acrylic paint and put it in the house to dry over night.

Once the logo was in the house I engraved 38 – 1 3/4″ x 2 1/2″ plaques with the name of the car show and the year.  I only scored the outside edge so that I could cut it out later.

Friday morning I gave the plaques a coat of spray polyurethane and set them in the sunlight to dry and started sanding the car club logo from the night before.

I got the logo all sanded and clear coated and then returned to the plaques.  I cut them all down to size and then used the disc sander to square all 4 sides and then bevel the back four sides to eliminate burrs and splinters.  I handed them out at the car show and people really seemed to like them.

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