Shop update #65 (1-24-19)

This weekend was all about getting ready to build wooden toolboxes with my son’s Cub Scout den as their Baloo the Builder project. Look for a fully detailed article for the toolbox build coming soon!

Thursday night I went to Lowes and picked up several of their 4oz Build & Grow hammers and phillips head screwdrivers for the Cub Scouts to build with.

On Sunday I stopped by Home Depot and picked up all the rest of the materials that I needed.  Cedar fence pickets, a cheap mitre box, glue, and nails.

I started by cutting the fence pickets down to all the lengths and widths that I needed.


I then notched all the side pieces and used my drill press to cut the holes for the handles.

I had a very good helper for part of the day.

I also worked on the Star Wars Aztec test piece during the course of the day to break the monotony.

Monday, I picked up the rest of the materials and got everything ready for the scouts to work on them Tuesday night.

It was cold Tuesday night so I setup examples of all the tools in my kitchen to teach them the basics about each one and then we bundled up and did all the actual building out on my back patio.

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