Shop update #74 (3-27-19)

I feel like all I do is make plaques any more but it is hard to say no to the scouts who have worked hard to earn them.

I was asked to add one more plaque on to the Adventure Pins order.  They need them for next week so I didn’t have the time to put a chamfer on it and paint the sides like the others so I gave it a thin border along the top instead.  I carved that all out on Wednesday night.

Thursday night I gave it a coat of spray poly and let that dry overnight into Friday.

The new one had a little void in it so I covered it with masking tape and then gave it a quick coat of black spray paint Friday night.

I then headed up to Camp Trask to camp with my younger son’s Cub Scout pack.  Good time were had by all.

We got back around noon on Sunday.  After unpacking, cleaning up, and eating lunch I was out to the work bench by 2:00 pm.  I sanded the top layer of black paint off the six Adventure Pin plaques, the Smoky Bear sign, and the MiniTruckin’ sign.  I broke out the elephant & name plaques from last weekend and gave them a coat of satin spray on poly.  While they were drying, I gave the Adventure Pin plaques and Smokey Bear sign a good coat of Golden Oak stain and set them out to dry as well.  By the time I finished with the staining, the first set of plaques were ready for their second coat of poly.  Everything then sat out to dry all night and through the next day.

While the plaques were under the back patio drying, I broke out the router table and chamfered all the ends of the giant Jenga blocks.

Once I was done with the router table, I gave them all a quick sanding with 120 grit sandpaper.

Monday night I put 2 coats of spray poly on the Adventure Pin plaques and a third coat on the front of the elephants and names.

I also put 4 coats of metallic red paint on the minitruckin’ plaque.

Tuesday night I sanded everything down and carved some of the drinking game rules into the first set of giant Jenga blocks.

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