Shop update #76 (4-10-19)

I spent the weekend in Laughlin again, this time with friends and family, but I was able to get some woodworking done before and after the trip.

Tuesday night one of the Cub Scout dads came over and we cut about 3/4″ off the top of his son’s pinewood derby car on the bandsaw.  They are going to make it into a Wonka Bar so it just needed to be cut down to a smaller, flatter size.  He brought another car blank with him that he wants to make into a covered wagon so we logged into the free Easel software on the Inventables website and designed something to be cut on the X-Carve CNC. We didn’t have time to cut it out that night so he took his son’s car blank home and left the other one with me.

I got out to the shop first thing after work on Wednesday night. The design for the covered wagon called for flatting the front of the blank and hollowing out the back, leaving thin walls. There was no good way to clamp it down so I used some double sided carpet tape to affix it to the waste board. I was worried about it shifting so I taped down some scrap board in front and back and then pushed in some clamps to the sides. The whole thing took about an hour and a half to carve.

The dad stopped by on Thursday and picked up his car.  He sent me some pictures on the following Monday of the 2 completed cars.  They turned out awesome!

We out to Laughlin on Friday and had a good time with other families from out neighborhood.  I will be posting more on my blog later this week.

We got back from our trip around 5:30 pm on Sunday night so I was able to break down the 2 – 6 ft 1 x 12’s that I bought last week into 7 usable blanks for more Cub Scout Adventure Pin plaques.  I plan on carving them out this week and then getting them painted and stained this weekend.

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