Shop update #77 (4-17-19)

My schedule for the last four weekends has has been nonstop activities away from home.  I finally got to spend some time in the shop and it was very productive.

I have five more Adventure Pin plaques to complete.  I got the blanks cut last weekend and then got them all carved out on the CNC on Thursday and Friday night.

Saturday morning I gave them a good coat of spray polyurethane and then headed to our local High School to help out with an Easter Festival that my son’s Cub Scout Pack was involved with.

After lunch I stopped by Home Depot and picked up 14 – 8ft 2×3’s to cut up into Giant Jenga games.

I stored the 2×3’s in the Lumber Storage Rack that I built last year.  I setup the router table on my 8 ft workbench and gave all the plaques a good chamfer .  I then sanded the sides and chamfers smooth and gave them all a coat of black spray paint.

I set the plaques to the side and was finally able to get back to the Giant Jenga Drinking Game pieces that I had painted a couple of weeks ago.  I had sealed and painted about half of them and was able to get them all sanded down and looking decent before the sun went down.

Sunday morning I gave the remaining Jenga pieces a coat of amber shellac and left them out in the sun to dry for about an hour.  I then came back and gave them a coat of black spray paint in the carved out areas and set them out to dry again.

After lunch, I sanded the spray paint from the five adventure pin plaques and set them off to the side to stain later.  I don’t like to apply stain when it is hot and the sun is shining directly on the workbench.

I then pulled out the 2×3’s and cut them all down to 7.5″ lengths.  I was able to get enough pieces cut to make three 54 piece Giant Jenga sets.  They still need to have the ends chamfered and completely sanded smooth but it was a good start.

I forgot to mention that I recorded video of sealing and painting the Jenga pieces earlier.  I then recorded myself building the case/stand for the Drinking Game version.

My son and I then played a couple of games to test it out.  Once he went back in the house I recorded sanding off the excess paint from the pieces I did that morning.  When I edit the video I will show sanding the pieces first and building the case last.

I stained the plaques Sunday evening and then gave them 2 coats of spray lacquer on Tuesday night.  I plan on giving them 2 more coats tonight and deliver them on Saturday.

I also received my signed copy of Essential Joinery by Marc Spaguolo.  I feel special.

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