Shop update #79 (5-1-19) building a COSTCO shed

This weekend I had the opportunity to help build my first shed.  Well, at least the first two thirds of a shed.

My sister and her husband bought an 8 ft by 12 ft shed kit from Costco.  My brother, brother in law, and myself worked on it pretty much all day Saturday and made good progress considering the fact that none of us had ever built a shed before.

It showed up on his driveway as a big stack of wood.  We took it to the back yard and broke it all down into similar sized pieces.  (I forgot to get a picture of the stack before we broke it down.)

We then laid out all the pieces for the floor section and the two long walls for the sides.

The next step was to nail the 2×4’s together with 3″ nails using a nail gun.  We attached the flooring and siding using 2″ nails.  I can’t even imagine how much longer and harder it would have been without the nail gun.

Once we had those parts completed, we moved the floor into position at the side of the house so that we could make room on the concrete to build the back and front walls.

Once they were complete, we carried them back one at a time and attached them to the floor.

The shed manufacturer has a clever little jig that they had us make to build all the roof joists.

Once we got the 6 roof joists built we installed them per the instructions.

We then built up the wall assembly to cover the front rafter and got it installed.

By this point it was about 8:15 pm so we called it quits for the night.  I was not able to return on Sunday but my brother & brother in law were able to get the roof installed and most of the fascia boards along with the built in shelves on the inside.  This kit does not come with roofing material but we hope to get that purchased and installed in the next couple of weeks.

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