Shop update #92 (7-31-19)

The John Wick CNC ART Project is complete and is now listed for sale on my website.


The weather in Southern California is getting up to the triple digits so I have a limited window in the mornings and late afternoon that I can shoot video as my DSLR will overheat and shut itself down when it gets too hot.  I make all my videos at my house so I do not use any power tools before 10:00 am or after 8:00 pm to show respect for my neighbors.  That gives me about 2 1/2 to 3 hours in the morning and about 2 hours in the late afternoon that the side of my house is not in direct sunlight and usable for shooting video.

Saturday morning I broke out the table saw and trimmed the John Wick piece down so that the plywood backing and particle board top were flush to each other on all sides.  These cuts, along with the original resizing, had the undesired effect of chipping the paint along all the edges.

Next, I cut down the trim molding that I bought last weekend to fit the sides and top to make a thin frame.

I then masked off the center of main piece and sprayed the edges with the flat black spray paint that I originally used.  I also sanded and painted the trim pieces that I had just cut to size.

Once they finished drying I gave the main piece three coats of a gloss spray lacquer, waiting about 20 minutes between coats.  No sanding in between coats.  This had the desired effect of hiding the sections that had been touched up with the acrylic paint.

I also gave the frame pieces a couple of coats of a Metallic Copper spray paint over the flat black that I had sprayed earlier.

I let everything dry overnight and came back to them Sunday morning.

I sanded the frame pieces with 220 grit sandpaper to slightly weather it.  This took the gloss off and let some of the black barely show through in spots.

I then glued and brad nailed the frame in place.

I brought the whole piece outside and gave it 2 more coats of gloss spray lacquer.  This included the frame and the back of the plywood substrate.

While that was drying I sanded down some washers and sprayed them with the same Metallic Copper spray paint for the washer toss games.  They all got 2 coats of paint, front and back.

During this time, my younger son and I worked on a sign for his new Webelos Patrol, the Dark Titans.

He put the paint on a little thick, so we are going to wait a couple of days until we sand the excess off the top.

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