Shop update #94 (8-14-19)

On Thursday night, I cut out a quick template on the CNC machine to make some signs for my son’s Cub Scout campout. 

I cut the Pack number and arrow into a corrugated sign blank because as I had one on hand. 

Once I cleaned up the edges I trimmed it down into 2 smaller pieces.  This way I can spin the bottom piece around and reverse the arrow.

I had 4 sheets of 24″ x 24″ foam core board so I cut them all in half and made 8 signs.  4 pointing left and 4 pointing right.

I was initially going to make them double sided so that you could point them in either direction but my wife wanted them attached to some wooden pickets so I only spray painted one side.

We used them on the campout this weekend and they worked great.

On the way home we stopped by an Art Sculpture yard on the way home that was really cool.  Look for more info about it coming soon on my blog.

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