Shop update #95 (8-21-19)

This past weekend was all about building washer toss games, having a yard sale, and selling Cub Scout popcorn.

We were up at 5:30 am on Saturday to get the yard sale setup.  We had 3 folding tables and I brought out 2 sets of sawhorses and made an 8 ft table and a 4 ft table with some 2×2’s and scrap plywood.  I went out and posted some yard sale signs and we had people browsing the inventory by 6:00 am.

I helped out with the sale until 9:00  am and then it was time start our first shift of selling Cub Scout popcorn.

We got back around 1:30 pm and then I made a quick trip to Home Depot to pick up some 3/8″ dowels.  I cut them into 2″ pieces and used them to plug the pocket holes that I had used to make the octagon shaped washer toss games.

I let those dry overnight.  Sunday morning involved more yard sale setup and another popcorn selling shift.

That afternoon I used my pull saw to cut off a few dowels on camera and then used my multi-tool to cut off the rest.  All of this was recorded on video along with Saturday’s work.

Once the dowels were trimmed I sanded down the corners of the last 2 octagons and cut 2 more pieces of the cheap plywood to cap them.  I also sanded the cut dowels flush.


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