Shop update #99 (9-18-19)

I started Saturday morning out by cutting the scrap piece of plywood, that we picked up for a dollar, down to 4 – 16.25″ squares and a bunch of 1 ” strips while my son was at a school event.  We are going to use the square pieces for the bottoms of the washer toss games that he is making for his Boy Scout fundraiser event.

I then broke out the router table and flush trimmed the bottom of the boxes for the plywood washer toss games that I am making.

I used the 1″ strips that I cut earlier to trim out one of the boxes.

After lunch, the my younger son and I did a popcorn shift at a local Walmart where he got a drive up popcorn sale.

On Sunday morning the older boy sanded all the pieces for the first washer toss game, glued and stapled the bottoms onto the 2 boxes, and we then flush trimmed them on the router table.

He picked out a stain color and I taught him how to apply it.

We left the stained boxes outside to dry and I installed the hardware onto the 3 octagon washer toss games that I had almost finished last weekend.  We then broke for lunch.

After lunch I gave the 2 plywood washer toss games a good coat of spray paint.

While the spray paint was drying the younger boy and I worked on one of his Doodle Crates.  They are like Tinker Crates but are more artistically inclined.

Later that afternoon I showed the older boy how to apply the first coat of Spar Urethane to his washer toss game.

It’s been pretty warm this week so we left everything outside to dry for a couple of days.

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