The ice chest cooler box is almost done!

In the last post I had cut all the pieces to size and glued the legs and clamped the pieces up to dry.  I got pretty sick so they ended up in the clamps for about 5 days and dried out pretty good.  I took them out of the clamps and put a chamfer on all the sides that needed it.  I sanded everything to 60 grit to lessen the chance of splinters.  It was then just a matter of gluing and screwing everything together.
I love my new Craftsman router table.  I am so glad that I returned that Ryobi table.

These are for the bottom shelf so they got a chamfer all around.

Sanding is the bane of my existence….

All ready for assembly!

I started with the short end.

Then I put on the front and back.

I like this one much better with the bottom shelf.

The lid is all glued up and clamped overnight.

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