Ice Chest/Cooler box update

Well, I’ve been under the weather for the last few days and haven’t done much with the cooler box build.  I got all the pieces cut to length and then ripped to width last Friday.  While I was ripping them I noticed that they were still very wet so I clamped them together and left them on my workbench to dry.  I tried to go out once a day and rotate the middle boards to the outside.  2 days ago I went ahead and took them all out of the clamps and spread them across the bench to finish drying.  I went out last night and glued up the legs so that I could start sanding all the pieces today.  While I was laying out all the pieces for the legs I noticed that they were really rocking up and down on the bench but they didn’t seem that warped. I took a closer look and discovered that the hardboard top of my bench seemed to have sucked up a bunch of that extra moisture and warped between all the screws holding it down!  This was totally unexpected!  I live in Southern California so I’m hoping that it will dry out in the next few days on it’s own.  If not then I will just go down and buy another $5 piece of hardboard and replace it.

You can also watch my VLOGS about the project here:

Here are all the pieces cut down to size but still very very wet

We sawdust went everywhere

I clamped them all together to try and avoid some of the warping and twisting

I unclamped them to let them finish drying out

The hardboard top on my workbench found some of that moisture!

It’s hard to see in this pictures but it is pretty much warped between all the screws.

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