Dual loft bed project update – 03

I started this project early last year and I never seem to have the time needed to complete the various stages.  I finally got some time in April to get all the pieces outside and get them sanded down to 120 grit with my random orbit sander.  It took about 4 hours total to get them all smooth enough for stain and then polyurethane.

After dreading the whole stain and then 3 coats of polyurethane process and putting off the project for a month I decided to sand everything down to 220 grit and then apply 2 coats of Danish Oil and call it done.  I spent another 4 hours during the Memorial Day weekend sanding everything to 220 grit.  The following weekend I put 2 coats of Medium Walnut Danish Oil on the first half and let them dry outside for the day.

I stacked and stickered all these pieces in the shop to let them finish curing.  The following weekend I put 2 coats of the Danish Oil on the rest of the wood and then stacked and stickered that as well.

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