Dual loft bed project update – 04

I left everything to dry for another week and then went to Lowes and picked up some kiln dried 2×4’s to cut into mattress supports.  I cut them all top length with the miter saw and then cut the notches on the band saw.

Once I had everything cut to size we staged all the pieces for the end assemblies in my Sons’ room and got to work.
My 9 year old son helped me with the first ladder assembly and we got it done in about 45 minutes.

The next 2 assemblies I did by myself and got done in about 45 minutes.  They were much easier to do once I worked out all the kinks in the system on the first one.

I leaned the non ladder side up against the wall on the left and then clamped some temporary supports to the one on the right.  I was then able to lift the stretchers for the mattress into place and get them screwed in.

The over all assembly time for the first part of the bed took about 5 hours but that included showing my boys how it went together and answering all of their questions as to why we were doing the way that we did.  If everything goes according to plan I will be adding the second half the bed this weekend.  I also plan on lowering the top bunk about 3″ before I add that second bed.  The mattress was a little thicker than I expected so the top rail isn’t as effective as I like.  I will adjust the height of the second bed to match the first as I assemble it.

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