Hall Tree assembly part 2

I was able to work on the Hall Tree last night and assembly is almost complete!
I was straightening up before starting assembly and found these right angle clamps that I bought last week at Harbor Freight.  I wish I would have remembered them on the first night of assembly.  They are now hanging on the pegboard in plain sight.
Here it is with the seat and 2 shelves attached.  It was a really tight fit so I wasn’t able to put very much glue on the joints.  Next time I think I will try building it 1 side at a time so I can properly glue everything together.  The seat and shelves warped pretty badly after I cut the 1x10x6 into pieces so I am not sure I am going to be able to install the dividers to make the cubbys.
The back of the cubbies is warped all to hell but it looks fine from the front.  Next time I am going to glue up smaller boards and remember to clamp eveything down before gluing and screwing.
Almost done.  I just need to sand down down the 2 boards I edge glued and install them under the top shelf.  That is where I am going to hang 3 or 4 hooks after some test fits.  I brought the tree into the house for some test fits and my wife decided that she would rather have it stained than painted.  That complicates matters.  I have a car show all day on Saturday so I am hoping to get the back piece sanded down and installed on Sunday.  Then I can give the completed piece a good sanding and hopefully stain and/or paint it during the week and have it ready for install on the following weekend.

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