I Made A White Elephant Gift!

We had a neighborhood Christmas Party last week so I threw together a White Elephant for the gift exchange on my X-Carve CNC machine.   I started with a roughly 11″ x 11″ x 3/4″ piece of pine that I keep a stack of for just this kind of situation.

I designed up a quick Elephant in the free Easel software on the Inventables website.  You can make a free account using this link and then click here to see the project for full instructions and files on their site.

I then carved out the outline of the elephant and CHRISTMAS above it.

I made it at night after work and it was too cold to use my normal spray paint so I painted it in by hand with acrylic craft paint.

Once that dried overnight I sanded off the excess red and black paint and then added the white to the Elephant.

I gave it 2 coats of polyurethane and added a gift card to the back.  It was a great hit!

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