Installing my new vise

I bought a vise at Harbor Freight with another 20% off coupon.  It’s another one of those small projects that
ended up being more work than I expected.
It’s not the best one in the world but it is definitely better than no vise.  I hate having no vises….



The clamping mechanism ended up being a little smaller than I expected.



I placed the vice in position and marked where the lower clamp needed to go in.

The lower mech is 1″ wide so I used a 1.25″ Forstner bit to make a hole.


I opened the bottom with my cordless jigsaw.

I tried to square it off with my jigsaw and then a file.  I put a corded jigsaw on my Christmas list along with a dado set for my tablesaw.

This is what it looks like from the inside.

I screwed in a piece of 2×4 to brace the part where I cut and to have extra support for where I screw vice down into the top of the workbench.

I predrilled the mounting holes down into the extra 2×4 brace.



Not neccessarily my cleanest install but it will do the job.

I pre drilled the holes into the 2×4 brace but not into the the workbench itself.  This bit shattered when the screw hit the workbench wood.  I drilled out the remaining 3 holes into the workbench and had no more issues.


Installed and ready for use.  I am debating on whether I want to mount some pieces of wood to the inside of the vice or not.  I will probably end up doing it just because I get bored.

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