The mallet is done! The mallet is done!

The mallet is finally done!  How could such a small thing take so long?


I cut the extra piece off with my flush trim saw.



This was the first time that I used the saw and it would appear that I cut a little too aggresively.



60 grit sandpaper smoothed it right out.  Followed by 80 and 120.


Time for the finish.



Now I just need to put some leather on the end to cushion the blows.  These 2 pieces of leather took me forever to find.  No shops around me sell leather.


I cut 2 pieces down to size.  I am going to save the black for the next mallet.


I put the glue on both sides and let it get tacky.



A little weight to help the bonding.


I then cut the excess off with a razor blade knife.


All trimmed up!



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