New Yankee Workshop Workbench update – cutting the inserts out of the top

I cut the slot out of the benchtop for the dogs and tailstock.  What a giant pain in the rear?  Norm does it in the video in like 30 seconds and it took me nearly an hour.

I attached the 2 pieces of plywood together with 1″ drywall screws and some of them ended up poking through so I had to cut off all the tips with my dremel before running the piece through the tablesaw.
I marked the two ends of the slot and then cut them on the tablesaw.


I got them close and then finished them with a jigsaw.


I also used the jigsaw to cut the ends.


All cut and ready for the next step.


I marked the corners and then clamped a framing square down to use as a cut guide for my small cordless saw.


I cut it close and then used the jigsaw to finish it.


I made sure that all my cuts were square to the material.


Here it is all cut out.


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