Shop update #119 (2-5-20)

On Wednesday night I put in some work in on the new Mandalorian art project.  I filled in the carved outlines with blue, bronze, and silver paint and left it overnight to dry.

Friday night, I gave the Armorer helmet a coat of metallic gold, the Mandalorian helmet a coat of metallic silver, the logo a coat of metallic white, and the quote at the top a coat of gloss black.

Over the course of the weekend, I gave the armorer helmet 2 more coats of gold, the Mandalorian helmet 2 more coats of silver, the logo 4 coats of white, and the quote 2 coats of metallic blue.  I finished it off with 3 coats of semi-gloss spray lacquer.

I was also able to get the tabletop and aprons sanded down to 220 grit and stained on Saturday afternoon.

I also masked off the stars on the US Flag that I carved a few weeks ago and gave the stripes a couple of coats of red spray paint.

The first aid kits at my work were set to expire last week so the facilities manager purchased new supplies to go in the kits.  It turns out that it is cheaper to buy already made kits in metal boxes rather than buying all the supplies separately.  I was able to procure one of the boxes to hang in the shop.  I removed one of the shelves and hung it on the wall near the door going outside.  I was able to fit 10 spray paint cans and 14 of the small paint sample containers.

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