New fence for my Skil 3410 table saw

I currently own a Skil 3410 table saw.  It is the first table saw that I ever purchased and it was a great saw to learn on.  It is light weight and very easy to move in and out of my garage to use.  I am currently saving up for a new one and I want that one to be the lat saw that I ever have to buy.

Having said all that, I am currently stuck with the 3410 and the fence broke.  The whole fence didn’t break, it was just the release handle.

Guess what?  You can’t buy just the release handle, you have to buy the whole fence.  I looked all over the web and found it on several different sites.
The cheapest place that I was able to find it was on the official Bosch Parts website.  Bosch owns Skil so this actually made me feel better about buying from their website. 

With shipping and tax it came out to $53.55.

This was way more than I wanted to spend on this saw but my new saw is still at least a year in the future so I had to bite the bullet and order it.

The new fence arrived in a huge box and covered in bubble wrap.  I put the it on the saw and OH MY GOD it is a night and day difference.  The new one opens and closes so much easier, it glides back and forth easier, and the auto centering works like a charm.  I always had to push the far end of the old one to the right as I was locking it down in order to get a straight cut.

I wasn’t happy to have to spend the money on a new fence but I am very happy now that I do have it.

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