Shop update #201 (9-1-21)

People always ask me how I get so much woodworking content made and published.  The simple answer is scheduling.  I schedule a few hours during the week after I get home from work and the kids go to bed to get things done in the shop that do not require power tools and the noise that they make.  I also schedule in a few hours on the weekend to use the power tools to make lots of noise and sawdust.  I never use them before 10:00 am and try to not use them after 8:30 pm so as not to annoy the neighbors.

Having said all that, I had my woodworking time all scheduled in for this last weekend but for the life of me, I could not think of a single project that I wanted to make.  I drew a complete blank so I went ahead and took the weekend off from starting any new projects.

I did manage to do a little more painting on the Nobody art piece on Saturday night after it cooled down from the 104° high temperature for the day.

I’m also including a couple of updated pictures of past projects so that I don’t have the same thumbnail 2 weeks in a row.  Click bait!

This is the planter box that I made 8 years ago.

And the A-Frame planter that I made for my wife a couple of months ago.

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