Shop update #202 (9-8-21)

Both of my sons are in Boy Scouts and their troop does a lot of dutch oven cooking when they go camping.  I was introduced to it when my older son joined and took an instant liking to it.  I now own a 12″ camping dutch oven for larger meals/desserts and an 8″ oven for smaller portions.  I have also collected a coal chimney, lid lifter, lid stand, and 14″ dutch oven stand.  These all live in a large plastic tote on the side of my kitchen.  I also have a propane griddle that I have been learning how to cook teppan dishes on.  All of the tools/utensils for this and my BBQ have been slowly accumulating on top of the tote as well so I decided to build a dedicated cabinet to hold it all.

This is the basic design that I came up with.  Each shelf is going to have a removable crate that I can pull out and take to the appropriate location.

I went to my local Home Depot and picked up a sheet of 3/4″ cabinet grade plywood for the project and had them cut it down into manageable sizes so that I could fit in my car.
Wood prices have come down considerably in the last month or so, but $65 for a sheet of plywood?  Seriously?

There are 2 wider strips and 1 skinny strip.  I used the table saw to cut the wider strips down to size and plan on using the 1″ cutoffs for use as shelf cleats.  I used my circular saw to cut the strips down to finished length.

The 1″ cleats were then glued and screwed to the inside of the cabinet walls.  The shelves will be attached to them.

On a side note, when is the last time that you changed any of your saw blades?  I’m guessing that it’s been about 5 years for me.  I bought new ones about a year ago and finally got around to changing them.  I still need to replace the blade on my miter saw.  I bought the DeWalt blades because they were on sale.

We made one meal and one dessert over the long weekend.


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