Shop update #278 (3-1-23)

It’s AOL bridging season for Cub Scouts and I recently received an order for 6 of my basic design AOL plaques for Pack 2017 in Eastvale.

I started by cutting 2 – 1x6x6’s poplar boards down into 6 – 2 ft lengths.

The next step was to put them into my X-Carve CNC machine and engrave them all with a different name on each plaque.  Each one took about an hour to carve and then clean up.

The next day I set up my router table and gave them all a slight chamfer to give them some definition.

They still need a slight sanding and then I will give them some paint and stain.  I’m also working on a design for a paddle for a local car/truck club that I am friend’s with and should have an update on that next weekend.

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