Shop update #295 (6-28-23)

My brothers and I helped my dad install a new fence at my childhood home this weekend.
They had already installed some concrete blocks and fence poles the weekend before.  I cut up some 2×4’s while they installed pressure treated lumber between the poles.

We bolted the lengths of 2×4 on either side of the fence poles, screwed 2×4 caps to the top the 2×4’s to cover the pole, installed 3 – 2×4 risers between each pole, screwed in lengths of 2×4 on top of the risers, and installed 2×4’s to span along the top.

We demoted my dad and had him install the risers on the shorter lengths for the front yard.

My brothers installed the front cover and end pieces.

My dad had already primed the fence pickets so the other 3 of us came up with a system of installing 3 pickets at a time and used a long level to keep everything straight and plum.

We’re going to come back in a couple of weeks and give everything a couple of coats of paint.

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