Shop update #324 (1-24-24) New table saw!

I finally bought a new table saw!

It is a Grizzly G0899 – 10″ 2 HP 115V/230V Cabinet Saw

My dad and brother both have the Grizzly cabinet saw one model below this one.  I have used my dad’s saw a couple of times and absolutely loved it.
I spent the couple of hundred bucks extra and bought this model for 3 main reasons:

1 – It has better dust collection with a shroud under the saw blade that runs through a 4″ dust hose directly to the dust port on the side and a 2 1/2″ hose that runs from the blade guard to the dust port on the side.

2 – It has a beefier rail system and rip fence.

3 – It can be easily rewired to work on 220V power.  I will probably never use it in this shop but it is nice to have the option.

My dad came over to my house on Saturday and helped me put this beast together.  We started by unboxing the main cabinet and cleaning all the protective coating from the cast iron with mineral spirits.

We then put together the heavy duty mobile base and got the saw installed and fitted on top of it.

We then installed the fence rails, rip fence and saw blade.

On Sunday, I setup and aligned the rip fence, installed the covers for the access panels, installed the blade cover, and plumbed all the internal dust collection hoses.

My father surprised me and had amazon deliver a new saw blade to my house.

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