Shop update #38 (7-18-18)

It was another hot weekend.  I got a couple hours in on Saturday morning and cut out some scrap plywood pieces on the bandsaw for a jig to attach the octagon washer toss games together.  It’s still only an idea but I am hopeful that it will work out.

Saturday night we went to the drive in theater with the younger boy’s Cub Scout Pack and watched Hotel Transylvania 3.  The movie was better than I expected which was a pleasant surprise.


Sunday morning we spent at the Chino Fairgrounds helping my son’s Boy Scout Troop clean up after the demolition derby held there the night before.

That afternoon I cut out 12 name plates for the Boy Scout Troop on the CNC machine.  They still need to be painted and finished.

Sunday evening I took my boys to our local park and we played washer toss for a couple of hours and then went and got some ice cream cones.

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