Shop update #44 (8-29-18)

I came up with this design for the Park Bench with a reclined seat version 3 around this time last year and made some final tweaks on it on Friday night.

On Saturday I worked a shift with my younger son selling popcorn as fundraiser for his Cub Scout Pack.  The store that we sold at was 20 minutes away so with going out to lunch afterwards his 2 hour shift took about 4 1/2.  After we got home and changed we went to Lowes and picked up 6 – 2×4’s for the new bench build on Sunday.  I already had 2 of them in my  Lumber Storage Rack so that gave me a total of 8. 

I try and check my P.O. Box every Saturday and I received a set of new ear muffs that were sent to me by Pro For Sho.  (not sponsored, they just sent me a free pair to review)  I am going to try them out on my next CNC project and see how they work compared to the Harbor Freight ones that I use now.

On Sunday we had another popcorn shift from 10:00 am to noon.  Once we got home and had lunch I was able to get started on the bench around 1:30 pm.  Even with filming, taking a few breaks from the heat, and an emergency trip to Home Depot to pick up another 2×4 to fix a mistake, I had the bench finished by 6:30 pm.  I am very happy with the results and it felt really good to get a project finished. Unfortunately, I was so intent on getting t finished, I didn’t take that many pictures.


Look for a video and project plans coming soon!

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