Shop update #80 (5-8-19)

I have made a total of 5 giant Jenga sets so far.  The first set, with a carrying case/stand, was donated to the raffle at the Forbidden Fantasy car show.  The second set was made as a drinking game for a video.

watch the video here

2 weeks ago, I cut all the pieces for 3 more sets, chamfered the ends, and my older son gave them a sanding.  I finished sanded 2 of the sets and put them in the garage.  The third set has been sitting on a picnic table under my back patio since then.  I also cut all the pieces to make 3 carrying cases/stands for them that weekend.

SHOP UPDATE #78 (4-24-19)

Saturday morning my younger son came out and helped me to drill some of the holes for the handles on the carrying cases.

After that, I finished cutting the handles and built all 3 cases/stands and sanded the 54 blocks for the last Jenga set.

I took the Giant Jenga drinking game to our local Cinco de Mayo block party that afternoon and it was a big hit.  This was the first time actually playing it with a group so I am going to modify the playing rules according to what we determined worked best for the many games that we played.

On Sunday, I built an Adirondack chair out of 8 – 2×4’s.  I shot video of the build so I didn’t end up taking very many pictures.

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